Friday Favorites

Every Friday I hope to post a round up of my favorite things I’ve seen on the web this week. These might include some inspirational words, a new craft I want to try, a product I have my eye on, or a delicious looking recipe I hope to feature on the blog. Stick with me and we’ll see how this goes!

Friday Favorites: Bowie Skull, Cappucino Chocolate Cupcakes, Lego Magnets

1.  A Beautiful Mess’s David Bowie Inspired Skull
Now that it’s October, I feel like it’s finally all right to embrace Halloween and start decorating! While I’ve never been a fan of scary movies or really anything horror-related, I love Halloween! It’s just so fun to decorate your house for the holidays and dress up like someone else for the day. Plus, it kicks off the wonderful holiday season that lasts the rest of the year! Seeing Elsie’s Bowie inspired skull this week kicked Halloween into gear for me. It’s a fun way to decorate for Halloween without being too orange-and-black/kitschy and incorporate a love of music into your decor. This might just be a craft I try soon!

2. Cappuccino and Chocolate Cupcakes from The Recipe Critic
I love coffee and I love chocolate, so what better way to combine those two loves than a delectable cupcake? These scream autumn and I can’t wait to bake these! This recipe uses a boxed cake mix as the base of the batter and that’s something I love! Easy cheats like boxed mixes make lovely treats like these even more quick and simple.

3. Lego Magnets on She’s Called Claire
Who doesn’t have a few Legos lying around their house somewhere? Even though my siblings and I are all grown, we still have a horde of these somewhere. I figured I can put some to good use by spray painting them and gluing on magnets like Claire. I have some gold spray paint, glue, and magnets so these look like the perfect easy and fun craft for a lady that loves organization as much as me! I can’t wait to see these pretty little magnets on my dry erase board!

So do you think you’ll try any of these? Found anything else interesting online this week? Let me know and I might put it on the blog!


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