Friday Favorites: Halloween!

In the midst of midterms, papers, and working part-time, Halloween has certainly snuck up on me! Since we have just under a week to prepare, I thought I’d lend a hand by sharing a few easy DIY costumes and a recipe for this week’s favorites.

Friday Favorites: Halloween

1. DIY Grumpy Cat Mask
Grumpy Cat was huge this year. And how adorable is this felt mask? The materials, some sheets of felt, glue, and a string of elastic, can be picked up from your local crafts store for just a few dollars. Throw on a matching tan tee shirt and you’re good to go! You might even win some Halloween costume contests with this hilarious mask.

2. Bjork Swan Dress
Do you remember this swan dress Bjork wore to the Oscars a few years ago? It’s now infamous and if you have an hour or two to spare, you can make a pretty good replica that all your friends will love. This costume is definitely more time-consuming than the Grumpy Cat mask and requires some more effort and sewing skills, but it’ll definitely be worth it to have a conversation-starting costume like this one.

3. Pumpkin Cake Pops
I love cake pops. They’re delicious and bite size and a lot of fun to make. These precious pumpkin cake pops would be a great item to bring to a potluck style party or, if you’re feeling extra ambitious, prepare for your trick-or-treaters and neighbors.

And those are my favorite finds from this week! What are your plans for Halloween?


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