Friday Favorites

I’ve got to admit—the holidays are definitely on my mind. I’m looking forward to escaping papers, exams, and work for a few days over Thanksgiving break. So this week, I rounded up a few of my favorite Thanksgiving crafts and recipes to make this holiday a little sweeter.

Thanksgiving Friday Favorites

1. Gold Leaf Pine Cone Garland
This garland is perfect for the holidays. I love that it’s not holiday-specific—you can have it up for Thanksgiving and have it up all the way through New Years. This is a cheap and easy craft that’ll make a big impact on your holiday decor. It looks like a lot of fun!

2. Printable Thanksgiving Gift Tags
I love giving gifts. These little tags are free to print and would be so sweet on a wrapped bag of homemade cookies for your Thanksgiving guests.

3. Salted Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake
I always like to contribute to my family’s Thanksgiving meal, and that usually means I bring along a dessert. I made a pumpkin cheesecake a few years ago that everyone raved about. This salted caramel version looks like a wonderful upgrade. I can’t wait to make this one!


Polka Dotted Planter

I’ve got a confession to make—I’m a horrible mother. Plant mother, that is. I certainly did not inherit a green thumb from my own mother. I’ve never succeeded in owning a plant and I’ve even killed cacti with my horrible caretaking.

But one day at Home Depot, I decided to buy a simple terra cotta pot and give it a makeover to house a pretty plant, one that I am determined to help survive. So I grabbed a few acrylic paints from the craft store and got to work.

Quick and easy polka dotted planter

Now, since I’m such a bad plant parent and don’t know much about taking care of them, I’m not sure how well these paints will work in the long run…but for now, they look pretty wonderful!

This project was incredibly simple. I purchased a terra cotta planter, two small bottles of acrylic paint, and a pack of foam brushes and found a new pencil with eraser lying.

Polka Dotted Planter process photosDSC_0157

Lay out a newspaper or paper towels to protect your work surface.
Tape off the upper rim of the planter, if desired.
Using a foam brush, paint the base color on your planter. Let dry about 15 minutes and paint second coat.
Once both base coats are dry, remove the tape from upper rim. Using a clean and dry foam brush, paint the accent color around the upper rim and let dry. Apply a second coat if needed.

For the polka dots, dip a new pencil eraser in the accent color paint.
(You may need to try a few practice dots on the newspaper or work surface. It helps to dunk the eraser in paint and do one dot on the paper to get rid of excess paint.)
Apply the paint from the eraser to the base of the pot. You can choose to apply the dots in a random or an organized pattern, like the one I did.
Give the pot plenty of time to dry before placing a plant in it.
(I’d give it at least a day to make sure the paint is really fully dried.

Polka dotted planter

And voila! It’s super easy, really adorable, and would make a great gift! Or if you plan on keeping it around like I am, it makes a lovely centerpiece to liven up a table or desk. You can customize it to match any and every color scheme you want!

Friday Favorites

It’s that time again! Here’s this week’s round up of my favorite things on the web.


1. Yarn Pumpkin Garland
How adorable are these little yarn pumpkins? These would be a super quick and easy craft to add a little something extra to your fall décor. You only need yarn, green piper cleaners, some scissors, and twine to make this autumn-inspired garland. These are up next on my crafting to-do list!

2. Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
There’s no hiding my love for everything pumpkin flavored. Baking is my favorite thing to do, and I can’t wait to make these cupcakes. They’ll be great for fall parties and bonfires, or just sitting around at home. Bonus points for the delicious cream cheese frosting!

3. Gold Dipped Wooden Coasters
I am in dire need of coasters and have been looking around for some nice, but affordable, options. I came across this post this week and they couldn’t be more perfect! I have been on a major gold kick lately, and these charming coasters just speak to me. They are right up my alley!